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Beijing teacher's death reveals SARS cover-up
Shi Yu

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CHINA - The death of fifty-year-old Beijing political science teacher, Mrs. Wu Yuanyuan in the Hai Ding District Thoracic Medicine Clinic on May 15th after two weeks of treatment, shocked the world medical community because it revealed the true SARS situation in China.

Medical specialists around the world believed that SARS had been controlled in China since reports of new infections ceased. Wu Yuanyuan's death draws back the curtain concealing the Chinese government's SARS coverup.

Wu Yuanyuan was admitted to the Hai Ding hospital last April with symptoms of SARS- Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. The hospital had recently been converted into a SARS treatment facility to cope with the overflow of highly-infectious SARS patients. After two weeks of treatment, Wu Yuanyuan died- from diabetes, according to hospital officials. This incident was covered up for months, until finally it was publicized because her husband was unhappy and made repeated appeals to high-level authorities.

Now the school where Wu taught- Ba Yi Primary School, Hai Ding district- has became known to all. One of the teachers at Ba Yi told the reporter that "everybody in the school know that Wu showed SARS symptoms, and that she had no symptoms or history of diabetes." When she entered the hospital, her physical and mental condition were otherwise very good. All of her colleagues knew her death had not been caused by diabetes. But after her death, the hospital changed the cause of death from SARS to diabetes.

The teacher disclosed that Wu's husband, who is an employee of the State Railway Department of China, is currently making appeals to different levels of authorities, without much headway. It is a little like the famous Chinese movie Uju Goes To Court, an illustration about how difficult it is for an uneducated country woman to appeal to each level of government to seek justice. Wu's husband is seeking a simple apology from the government for lying about his wife's death.

The teacher also expressed that everyone in the school is very angry about the way the government is covering up the true situation about SARS.

Another employee from Wu's school spoke to the journalist to confirm what the previous teacher had said, stating that this case was exposed because a family member got angry and made persistent appeals; there should be many more cases like this, which until now have been allowed to remain covered up. He also pointed out that Hai Ding Hospital has been dedicated to SARS cases, which shows that SARS in Beijing was never controlled or eliminated.

This employee also expressed that everyone in the school blamed Jiang Zemin for this incident. He said angrily: "Why does he promote the Three Representatives?(Communist political theories); who does he represent? There is no one in this nation who does not hate him. Everybody hopes he will step down as soon as possible."

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