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80% Chinese students hope to stay in Canada
Epoch Times

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Most new Chinese immigrants to Canada are positive about their immigration choices.

A questionnaire issued by a Canadian immigration organization, the Business Study Organization and Canadian Chinese Immigration Counseling Association, revealed that 83% of Chinese are willing to stay in Canada after obtaining citizenship and 80% of foreign students hope to stay in Canada.

Wang Jie of New Tang Dynasty TV reported the findings during a press conference held by the Association. The study was based on nearly 600 new Chinese immigrants. The investigation report revealed that most new immigrants like to stay in Canada to explore opportunities. The questionnaire also revealed the new immigrants’ opinions regarding employment, study, degree authorization, learning English, etc.

Regarding the new immigration law which became effective last year, 71% deem it was too strict and should be relaxed, whereas 63% think it should allow those refugee who were refused to stay in Canada.

The head of the association Lu Bingxiong said: “This report will be submitted to the federal government, and it is hoped that the government will consider the Chinese community’s opinion while constituting new immigration and naturalization laws in the future.”

One member from the congress who was present during the conference reminded the immigrants that a new ID called the “Maple Leaf Card” must be applied for before December 31, otherwise they can not re-enter Canada once they leave. He repeatedly emphasized that this was very, very important.

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