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Terrorism in Jakarta Possibly Related to Bali Bomb
World Leaders Express Outrage

Marriott Hotel - Newest five-star Hotel in Jakarta

[Jakarta, August 5, 2003] A bomb ripped through a café and exploded through five floors of the American-run Marriott Hotel in Jakarta at lunchtime on Tuesday. The terrorist act has killed at least 14 people and injured more than 100.

While there are no official claims of responsibility for the blast, the police have reportedly received warnings over the past few weeks that group might be planning a major attack.

Initial investigations do show similarities between Tuesday’s attack and the Bali bombing last October, including the use of potassium chlorate as one of ingredients of the bomb.

A man claiming to be an operative to Jemaah Islamiah, said the act was to serve as a warning to the President of Indonesia to not find guilty or sentence to death the suspects for the Bali bombings. The group’s leader is to be tried this week.

The Indonesian government has reaffirmed its stance and stated that it will not give in to terrorism.

The United States has urgently renewed its calls for Americans in Indonesia to follow tighter personal security measures.

World leaders express outrage and give their support to the Indonesian government to increase the efforts to eliminate terrorism.

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