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Humor from political slogans in China

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[Beijing, July 27, 2003] In Hebei province, a slogan reads, “Armed resistance to tax is illegal!”

In Yongcheng, Henan province, a sign reads, “Those who fear no death come here to commit crime!”

A sign by the railroad reads, “Those who lie down here will be legally held responsible if not dead!”

A red banner by an electric power plant reads, “It is strictly prohibited to touch the wire which has 50,000 voltage and causes death upon contact. Violators will be penalized!”

On a highway in Henan province, a sign reads, “It is illegal to rob a police car!”

One slogan on a nun’s monastery reads, “If you evade tax, you will be penalized to be a nun in the next lifetime!”

A sign by the slaughtering house reads, “Using the theory of “Three Represents” to guide our butchering work!”

On a highway, a slogan reads, “Closely united around the Chinese Communist Party!” Another traffic sign nearby reads, “Please keep a distance!”

Another slogan by the same highway reads, “Speed up the Pace of Reform!” Right next to this slogan is a traffic sign that reads, “Speed limit is 35 km/h!”

One highway slogan reads, “Continue to follow the socialist path with Chinese characteristics!” A traffic sign near it, however, reads, “Make U turn here!”

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