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Japanese Recycling Plant Gives Hope to Accruing Waste

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In order to deal with the growing number of discarded electronic appliances accruing in Japanese homes each year, companies like Matsushita Electric (widely known for its brand Panasonic) have begun recycling this electronic waste. With the Japanese government having enforced legislation to recycle two years ago, the Matsushita EcoTechnology Center (Metec) has been established. Its purpose is to collect abandoned television sets, air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators, break each down into its respective parts, and then rebuild new appliances which are at least 50-60% recyclable. Metec is also researching ways to make new appliances more recyclable. Due to the meticulous nature of recycling, experts say many more such recycling plants must be established in order to have a significant impact on Japanese discarded electronic appliances.

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