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Hu will speak around the “Three Represents” at CCP anniversary

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[Beijing, June 19, 2003] Despites overseas speculations about Hu’s speech at CCP anniversary on July 1, Shi Zhongxuan, former deputy director of CCP history research office, dismissed the projection that Hu will focus his speech on political reform, a sensitive topic in China.

Shi predicts that Hu will give a not long speech, which will not put political as primary subject. Last week, the CCP just started the fourth wave of studying Jiang’s “Three Represents”, according to Shi. Shi is currently Director of Mao Zedong Thoughts and Deng Xiaoping Theories Research Society, and has involved in drafting the Revolution on Some Historical CCP Issues since the Founding of the PRC—one of the important CCP documents.

Regarding democratic process in China, Shi said that China’s democratic election will be gradual in level and will not skip steps. Currently, direct election is limited to villages and urban neighborhoods, not at the county and provincial level. It is unrealistic to have this fourth CCP generation to rid of the influence from the third generation overnight.

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