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Watch out, Kim Jong Il, the heat is on!
Anti-North Korea psychological warfare is heating up
An editorial from Korea WebWeekly

Last week, Goh Yong-gu, South Korea's spy chief, told a Seoul national assembly committee that the recent report of the defection of Dr. Gyong Won Hah, the so-called 'Father of North Korea's Nuke", has no supporting evidence. In fact, Goh testified that Dr. Gyong is a metallurgical engineer and not a nuclear physicist as alleged by some 'experts' on North Korea's nuclear program.

The 'breaking news' of Dr. Gyong's defection was published by an Australian news service, The Australian, on April 19, 2003. The news claimed that Dr. Gyong's group of 20 defectors included a number of army generals. Interestingly, this news was also ascribed to a 'foreign intelligence' agent. Dr. Gyong, who would be 75 years old if he were alive, most likely has played a minor role in North Korea's nuclear program, but it would be over-exaggeration to call him the Father of North Korea's Nuke. Dr. Gyong studied mechanical engineering at the University of McGill (Canada). His doctoral thesis was titled: 'A theoretical study of spherical gaseous detonation waves'.

Contrary to the claim made in the Australian news, Dr. Gyong studied in Canada (not in the United Stated), and worked for a Canadian company (not a US nuclear lab.) after graduation. He defected to North Korea in 1972. He went to Brazil in 1974 and returned to North Korea in 1976. He immigrated to Brazil in 1965 from South Korea, and went to Canada in 1969 to study. His 1974 trip to Brazil was most likely to collect his relatives to move to North Korea. It is true that his area of specialization was explosive pressure waves in metals and one might be tempted to assert that his expertise would be relevant to nuclear triggers. The truth of the matter is that nuclear triggers involve high-energy particles and radiation pressure in plasma (metallic matters melt and vaporize in nuclear triggers).

Last month, South Korea's 'official' news, Yonhap, published a 'breaking' news of the defection of Kil Jae-gyong, a close personal confidant of Kim Jong Il. The 'hot' news was picked up by all major news organs in America. A few days later, an investigative reporter proved that Mr. Kil has been dead for at least two years, and this fact was confirmed by South Korea's National Intelligence Service. Make the matter worse, one of the alleged co-defectors has threatened to file a legal action against Yonhap for libel. Yonhap was forced to publish a letter of apology, which was ignored by the news organs that had headlined the Yonhap hot news. It turned out that the news article was written by a Yonhap reporter who happened to be a defector from North Korea. She claimed that she was given the news by a 'foreign intelligence' agent.

The Bush administration had waged an effective psychological warfare on Saddam Hussein, whose propaganda machine was no match for Bush's vast network of "reporters" and "intelligence sources". All sorts of lies and half-truth were cooked up and passed around as 'facts'. Poor Saddam, whose propaganda machine was geared for personality cult, had no way of fighting back.

The US and its allies - Japan and South Korea - have been waging a vicious psy-war against Kim Jong Il. South Korean and Japanese news organs have published all sorts of 'eyewitness' accounts of misdeeds and Kim Jong Il and his father. To cite a few of these false accusations that go beyond human decency: Kim Il Sung killed Kim Jong Il's mother for another woman; Kim Jong Il killed his own brother; Kim Jong Il was born in Siberia and his twin sister was starved to death by his mother; Kim Jong Il is a sex-maniac, Kim Il Sung was not the real Kim Il Sung; cannibalism is rampant in North Korea; North Korean army is ready to throw out Kim Jong Il, etc., etc.

The only defense against psy-war is counter-psy-war, but North Korea's propaganda machine is no more effective than Saddam's was. Since North Korea is either silent or offers no convincing counter proofs, most of us accept the lies as golden truth and they are written into history books.

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