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WHO: Shanghai is hiding SARS cases

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[Shanghai, April 24, 2003] As center of China’s economic development, Shanghai has attracted most of China’s foreign direct investments. But in the midst of the explosive SARS crisis in China, Shanghai is now accused by World Health Organization to cover up the truth. While hundreds of SARS cases have been reported in Beijing and Guangzhou, China’s most populous city Shanghai, nontheless, has only reported two SARS cases—this has raised concerns by local Shanghai residents and by foreign investors who are having difficulties to believe such figure.

One official from WHO said that there are at least dozens of SARS cases in Shanghai and he dismissed China’s definition of SARS as being too narrow in an effort to reduce to the SARS cases. Many local Shanghai residents are asking the question that if there are only two reported SARS cases, why should all public events be cancelled? Mr. Zhi Wang, a local business owner, said that he and his friends are angered by this cover-up work by the Shanghai government because it is meant for saving face and economic opportunities rather than for saving lives.

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