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Schools closed in China for SARS

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[Beijing, April 7, 2003] Three international schools temporarily closed because of the widely spread SARS in China. The French Ambassador in Beijing explained that the French school would be closed on April 8. “To be safe, we decided to close the school for ten days,” said the Ambassador. This international school has 740 students from 45 countries.

In Shanghai, the Singapore international school and Concorde International School have also decided to stop teaching as well. Both schools primarily serve overseas students from other Asian countries. In its statement, one school announced, “Due to the explosive spread of SARS worldwide, Shanghai Singapore International School has taken a preventive measure — closing the school.” This decision was made right after news broke that a visiting Finnish man from the International Labor Organization died of SARS in Beijing, where he stayed for just a few days.

Beijing has publicly admitted only 53 deaths and 1,268 infected patients in China. The actual numbers of deaths and the infected population, according to some local Beijing medical workers, are much higher than the official data provided by the Government. World Health Organization has criticized China for delaying the report of this deadly disease to the international community.

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