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CDC: SARS might be out of control

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The Director for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control issued a warning on April 2 that SARS was likely out of control in terms of its spread worldwide. Thus far, this virus has been detected in 20 countries with 2,300 reported cases and 78 deaths. In the U.S. alone, there are 85 reported cases, with 19 in California and 13 in New York.

SARS began in China where the disease was not disclosed to the public due to Beijing’s fear of creating social instability. Many health professionals have condemned this cover-up because it intentionally delayed the process of taking preventative measures to curb the spread of this virus. At this point, CDC has stated that there is no effective cure for this deadly disease. World Health Organization has sent a team of four medical experts to Guangzhou, China, to investigate the health situation as impacted by SARS.

As for the economy, many tourist groups have cancelled their planned trips to China. Similarly, some international conferences that are supposed to be held in Beijing or other parts of China have now been postponed indefinitely, due to the fear of being exposed to this virus. Some economists have expressed deep concern that if this deadly disease cannot be controlled quickly, China's economic reforms might be jeopardized.

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