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NTDTV: A new independent voice for the Chinese community

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While many overseas Chinese are concerned with Beijing's increasing influence on the Chinese language press in North America and elsewhere, several groups of overseas Chinese professionals and scholars have decided to establish some independent press to serve the overseas Chinese community. Among these new media outlets, the Epoch Times Group has emerged as the major free Chinese language newspaper worldwide and provides a news website with a global network. In similar fashion, The New Tang Dynasty TV Group has provided refreshing programs through its satellite and cable services. New Tang Dynasty Television (NTD) is the first American non-profit media organization to specifically target the Chinese market in the United States. The organization started as an informal association of media, television programmers, and education professionals that recognized the need for programming aimed at the rapidly growing population of Chinese immigrants and Chinese-Americans.

It is estimated that the American-Chinese community is over 2.4 million, making it the largest Asian ethnic group in the United States. It became apparent to NTD that the Chinese people who live in America have great difficulties integrating into American culture. The major reason is that most Chinese people living in America watch solely Chinese-speaking TV programs and read Chinese newspapers. More than eighty percent of the Chinese who live in America speak Chinese in their homes and almost one-third of this group speaks English poorly or not at all.

NTD's main objective is to produce and broadcast a variety of quality programs covering education, business/finance news, current events, health, entertainment, and cultural programs to facilitate and foster a greater understanding between the American-Chinese community and the American public. NTD will also serve as a vehicle for advertisers to reach the fastest-growing consumer market in the United States.

NTD is uniquely positioned to produce all of its programming here in America, an important factor for those Chinese viewers currently limited to viewing shows originating in Mainland China. Much of the 24 hours/7 days a week line up is original programming not being produced anywhere else. NTD has a highly qualified staff of individuals coming from various professions and backgrounds that are dedicated to making NTD a success. In addition, NTD owns and operates its own broadcast facility.

The NTD Network will reach the twelve major metropolitan areas across the United State's most concentrated ethnic Chinese population. Phase One targets the metro New York area, where, based on the 1999-2000 census we expect to reach half a million ethnic Chinese. Directly following the implementation of Phase One, Phase Two will expand to reach viewers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. The remaining eight areas will be phased in within the not too distant future.

The station intends to reach the twelve major U.S. metropolitan areas where the ethnic Chinese population, particularly the more recent immigrant population, is most concentrated. We expect to reach the more than half a million Chinese people in the greater New York area, followed by Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and wherever else we are needed.


NTDTV provides a professional, cutting-edge, and compelling alternative to the current Chinese TV media in the United States, most of which originates in Mainland China. NTD TV will offer a comprehensive, unique, and cutting-edge 24-hour line-up for the whole family, including business and financial programs, children's shows, dramas, classic TV series, old American movies (w/subtitles), cooking, talk shows, fitness and health, travel, and documentaries.

To better serve the rapidly growing population of recent Chinese immigrants, our educational programs will be far-reaching, ranging from U.S. history and learning English to the U.S. legal system and American traditions, holidays, and customs, from personal finances to naturalization. These programs will ultimately enable viewers to take part in the democratic process more fully and better understand its rewards.

NTD also produces up to five hours of the latest-breaking international, domestic, and local news every day of the week. As a non-profit corporation, our news broadcasting will adhere to the highest journalistic standards, reporting in an open, accurate, and balanced manner.

Original news broadcasts, including international and U.S. national news.
Local community news
Weekly in-depth news magazine

Business, Finance, and Politics
Spotlight on entrepreneurs
Finance and business shows
Local political shows to keep the viewers in touch with the issues in their community
Shows explaining how the viewers can register to vote and take part in the political process
Live Call-in Forum

Teaching English shows
Daily Survival in America Series: how to understand immigration procedures, how to obtain a driver's license, how to take a subway, how to sing the national anthem, and more.
History shows
Introduction to U.S. colleges and universities
Travel shows
Cooking shows
Children's shows
Health and Leisure shows
Science shows
Shows on spirituality

Drama series
Made-for-TV movies and short dramas
Cultural shows including dance, theater, fashion, and art
Classic English language movies subtitled in Chinese
Talk shows

The target audience will choose NTD because we understand their needs. Many Chinese in America, even those who are bilingual, still prefer information and entertainment in their own language.
More than 60% of Chinese Americans hold professional jobs and more than one third hold college or advanced degrees. This segment of the population will appreciate NTD TV's unique selection of business, finance, and political programs and other high-end programming during prime time and evening hours. The 30% or so who speak English poorly or not at all will benefit greatly from our educational and cultural programming, much of which seeks to help non-English speakers better understand, enjoy, and integrate into life in America. Chinese in America tend to live in relatively large households that include grandparents and children. NTD TV's unusually broad range of content, ranging from cooking shows to children's storytelling. Everyone in the family can find something to enjoy and learn from.
The Chinese population in America is a fast growing one, fueled mostly by new immigrants:
More than 40% of the Chinese population in America are foreign-born and this rate of immigration is increasing.
The Chinese population is also relatively insular compared to the many other ethnic groups:
More than 80% of Chinese people living in America speak Chinese in their homes.
Almost a third of this group speaks English poorly or not at all. And they have little incentive to learn.
96% of Asians in America live in the metropolitan areas, many concentrating in areas with people of similar cultural background.

Certain factors make assimilation particularly difficult for the ethnic Chinese population:
Chinese living in America maintain close ties and a continued allegiance to their home country no matter how long they have lived in the U.S.
Media programming imported from Mainland China is prone to depicting American culture and the U.S. in unfavorable ways.
Chinese living in America tend to pass their cultural background, beliefs and worldview onto their children.

For further information, visit the NTD website:

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