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Beijing condemns U.S. war on Iraq

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[Beijing, March 20, 2003] BBC reports that China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan denounced at a press conference the US military action on Iraq as “violating the UN charter and international law” and China is very concerned about it.

China’s strong words against the U.S. surprised many long-time China watchers. It was expected by some China scholars that Beijing might use “soft or hollow language” to criticize a US military attack, so that it could seek improving its relationship with Washington. Many scholars believe that China is behind North Korea's nuke programs and has been privately encouraging Kim's recent aggressive provocation toward South Korea and the U.S. Washington is obviously not happy with China's inaction to help maintain peace and stability in this region.

China observers also noticed that the state-run media in China reacted quickly to this war on Iraq. In addition to broadcasting President Bush’s speech, Chinese TV also showed Saddam’s speech live with simultaneous translation. At the same time, Beijing has increased its armed guards for embassies of the U.S., Iraq, and Israel.

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