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Painting: Mr. Chan's magnificent journey
Robert Alan

Mr. Wing Yuen Chan holding up a banner that reads "Truth Compassion Forbearance" at the side of the road in Myanmar (Burma).

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About a year and a half ago a man named Wing Yuen Chan, a Hong Kong resident, went to Burma (Myanmar), a south Asian country to translate a book. Mr. Chan practices Falun Gong. While he was in Burma he heard that the president of China would be visiting Burma for some political business. Knowing about the incredible hardships that the people who practice in China were going through, 70-year-old Wing Yuen Chan walked to the street leading to the airport. He nobly held a banner that read "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance" in the hopes of helping put an end to this awful persecution. As the motorcade approached the officers at the head of the procession drove ahead, up towards Mr. Chan, snatched away his banner, and illegally arrested him. Unfortunately, Burma is not as advanced a place as America, where a man would be honored for holding up such a banner in the face of wickedness. Mr. Chan was put in the Myanmar prisons. On top of this, the sentence for this 70-year-old man was 7 years and he wasn't allowed his right to have a lawyer. The Chinese regime then contacted his family and threatened them that if they leak any news of this to the public there would be "consequences to pay." It is disturbing to imagine what it would be like for a family to be in such a situation. Because of this pressure, it took a whole year before news about Wing Yuen was finally released, and releasing this information was most likely a very difficult decision for his family to make. It is hard to believe that people in a government would have so much depravity that they would persecute a 70-year-old man and his family for trying to do something right in this world. This painting was created out of the sincere hope that it will bring light and raise awareness to different governments and people, and hopefully put more pressure where it needs to be put to release this good man.

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