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4 popular political jokes in Beijing

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1. One day, Jiang Zemin had an idea to inspect a psychiatric institution. Upon receiving the notice, the institution’s director was busy making all kinds of arrangements for the reception. When Jiang arrived, all psychiatric patients lined up on both sides of the hallway, clapping their hands to show their welcome. Jiang was quite satisfied, but then he turned around and asked the director, “Why didn’t you applaud my arrival?” The director replied, “Why should I? I am not psychotic!”

2. A Party cadre was giving a long speech as usual in a meeting. Xiao Li suddenly rose and left the room, and this cadre was very upset by it. Xiao Li’s best friend, Wang, hurried to explain to this Party cadre, “It is not that Xiao Li didn’t want to listen to your speech; he just has this habit of sleepwalking at meetings.”

3. Comrade A and comrade B, two government employees, were debating heatedly over an issue in the office, being unaware of the fact that the Minister was actually standing behind them. Comrade A said, “You are such a fool!” Comrade B replied, “I have never seen a dumb person like you in my life!” At this point, the Minister cut in, “For both of you, are you aware that I am here?”

4. While Clinton, Putin, and Deng Xiaoping were engaging a conversation while strolling in a garden, a dog kept following them, and this annoyed these three politicians. Clinton attempted to keep the dog away by offering $2 million, but the dog ignored the offer and kept following them. Putin became angry and threatened to shoot the dog if the dog kept following them, but the dog was not scared at all and kept following them. Finally, Deng walked over and whispered a few words to the dog. Then the dog took off immediately and disappeared in no time. Both Clinton and Putin were amazed by Deng's skill, and asked what he said to the dog. Deng replied, "I just told the dog that we are walking down a socialist path. That was it!"

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