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Chinese Communist Party officials embezzle 21.2 billion Yuan RMB over 5 years

The Chief Prosecutor of China’s Supreme People's Procuratorate, Han Zhubin, announced that over the past five years the procuratorial organs have pursued more than 21.2 billion Yuan RMB in embezzled funds, and have investigated and punished with severity according to law a handful of corrupt officials, such as Cheng Kejie, Hu Changqing, and Li Jizhou.

According to China's Central News Agency, Han Zhubin made the above statements at the 11th National Procuratorial Work Meeting that opened on January 4, 2003.

Han Zhubin revealed that in regards to the embezzlement cases over the past five years, the personnel responsible for committing the crimes are mainly officials from all levels in the state-owned enterprises. The methods used to commit the crimes are mainly embezzlement, bribery, the diverting of public funds, practice of favoritism, crimes of dereliction of duty, and so on.

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