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Servile imploration cannot lead to compromise
Liu Xiaobo

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The argument asking the non-governmental opposition faction in Mainland China to "compromise" with the Chinese Communist Party has been around for quite a period of time. Moreover, there are people who recently invented some new ways to realize social compromise: the "forgetting theory" and the "transcending theory ". They only ask the victims who have paid with their lives to forget about the blood debt and transcend the hatred, and ask the dissidents who are still suffering the persecution to forget about the historical disaster and transcend the "June 4th" sentiment, but do not ask the butchers who committed the massacre to repay the blood debt and repent, acknowledging their guilt. Still they accuse Falun Gong for "using the hat of belief to deceive people," but actually let off the hook the intolerant system that does not permit personal belief.

When the dictator still possesses great power, the initiative to realize social tolerance and conciliation is all in the hands of those with power and influence. Thus the people who first make tolerance and compromise gestures should be those with power and influence, at least they should show repentance about their evildoings in history and respond with good intention to legitimate reasonable requests and appeals from people. However, they have done nothing but the opposite -- they only demand the powerless people to tolerate and compromise with the mighty rule unilaterally, but do not make any demands on the mighty rule; they constantly accuse the side of victims for having their minds filled with hatred and revenge, and for being narrow-minded and lacking tolerance without understanding "forgetting" and "transcending." But for the side of victimizers who specially create the hatred, and to the absolutely intolerant rule that still wants to eliminate all dissident forces at their embryonic stage, they have actually not made any moral and justice demands.

The intention of advocating such social compromise and tolerance that lacks the minimum fairness is only to convince people to approve the extremely unfair stability in China, and demand the powerless people who suffer persecution to transcend all their unfair maltreatment and forget about all the evil that the dictatorship has done, and be the abjectly obedient people who are satisfied with just enough food and clothing in a benumbed and unresponsive state.

The non-governmental opposition movements certainly carry out the principle of tolerance, and hope to achieve social compromise. In fact, they have been continuously striving for achieving social compromise and tolerance through non-violent means. However, it is absolutely not that the non-governmental movements unilaterally beg for alms or meekly submit to oppression. Just the opposite, the more people act servile to the order of terror, the less seriously the dictatorship that created the terror will fairly treat the people, the more it will believe in the effectiveness of power violence and terror rule, and the less chance it will carry out tolerance. The result would only be that the persecuted people unilaterally become tame and docile, which is no different from conniving and awarding the dictators.

Therefore, only when the people uphold non-violent resistance, pertain the quality of fearing no threat while keeping dignity, have the courage to speak out about the truth and dare to say "no" to the persecutors whenever a case of human rights abuse occurs, then the dictators can understand that the unjust order, the despotic authority, and the violence and lies cannot proceed forever unimpeded. Only then can it create enough pressure on the authority and possibly inspire the dictators with awe and restraint to have them make some concessions. Without enough pressure from the people, only unilaterally anticipating the dictators to discover their conscience and take the initiative to give up despotic authority does not differ from lunatic ravings. Even if it stems from the good wish, it can only lead to the road of slavery.

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