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Half of Taiwan's surveyed population believes “Three Links” threatens state security

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Taiwan's Threat Perceptions:
The latest survey on issues related to “Three Links” shows that 49.99% of Taiwanese people interviewed believe that Beijing’s proposal of “Three Links” (direct transportation link, direct postal link, and direct business link between Mainland China and Taiwan) may constitute a security threat to Taiwan. 61.51% believe, however, that “Three Links” may be helpful to national economic development. 43.2% think that “Three Links” is not an urgent issue for Taiwan.

On President Chen Shui-bian’s recent remark that “direct transportation is not a cure-all medicine for economic development”, 36.69% of the interviewed population agreed with it, while 32.23% disagreed. This survey was conducted between November 14 and 17 in Taiwan, with a sample population of 8,103 people and a margin of error of 2.99%.

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