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Jiang Zemin replaces four military commanders

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The Liberation Army Daily announced in a November 19 article: General Liang Guanglie, former commander for Nanjing Military District, has succeeded General Fu Quanyou to become the Chief of Joint Staff; General Xu Caihou, former Vice Director, now takes over General Yu Yongpo’s Director of General Politics Department; General Liao Xilong, commander for Chengdu Military District, replaces General Wang Ke to become Minister of General Supplies Department, and General Li Jinai, former political advisor, substitutes General Cao Gongchuan for the position of Minister of General Equipment Department.

General Fu Chuanyou, General Yu Yongpo, and General Wang Ke have stepped down from the Central Military Committee. General Cao Gongchuan, however, moves up to join Hu Jintao and Guo Boxiong to become Vice Chairman of the Central Military Committee, which is chaired by Jiang Zemin. General Ge Zhenfeng, President of Military Academy, now becomes the Vice Chief of Joint Staff. General Zhang Wentai, political advisor of Jinan Military District, succeeds General Zhou Kunren to become the political advisor of the General Supplies Department.

These changes which were made after the 16th CCP Congress are seen as a move by Jiang Zemin to consolidate his power in the Central Military Committee. All of the four new generals have pledged loyalty to Jiang through this military newspaper by expressing that they will “firmly listen to the directives from the CCP and Jiang Zemin.”

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