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U.S. gently blasts East Sea

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The US military carried out one of a series of tests to examine underwater explosions Thursday in the East Sea, off Shimane Prefecture. For half an hour during the day, the US detonated explosive devices known as noisemakers, each weighing about 5kg, into the sea. The military intends to study the impact of such explosions through the sound waves they produce in water.

Japanese authorities earlier asked the US to cancel its testing, concerned that the blasts would disturb their fishing activities, particularly for queen crab and squid, which are plentiful at this time. The US assured Japan that it had used the utmost care to ensure safety of the surrounding area, and to clear the waters of fishermen during testing. While Japan is concerned it had not received more details before the testing, officials are now in contact with the US to understand the nature of the experiment.

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