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SINOSAT broadcasts “Jiang Zemin Betrays China”
William Harmon

On September 24, China claimed that the alleged hijacking of SINOSAT No.1 satellite was masterminded by Falun Gong practitioners in Taipei, Taiwan. In response, Taiwan Falun Dafa Association spokesperson Zhang Qingchi has found this allegation “too strange.” Zhang explained that the Taiwan Telecommunication Bureau had investigated the mountainous area where the pirate signal was alleged to have originated but found no leads. Consequently, many people believe this incident to be another attempt by China’s leader to frame Falun Gong.

“Jiang Zemin Betrays China” Shown On-Line

One Internet surfer from China told The Epoch Times that the recently hijacked broadcast focused on the corrupt actions of Jiang Zemin rather than Falun Gong, and it was similar to the video called “Jiang Zemin Betrays China” that can be downloaded from Free Net. He claimed the CCP has been crazily disturbing Voice of America, BBC, Free Asia Radio, and Taiwan Radio, in addition to blocking overseas media in order to keep the Chinese people from finding out the truth. Thus, this satellite broadcast has broken through the information blockage, exposed Jiang Zemin’s betrayal of China, and has shocked people’s hearts.

Hong Kong Newspaper Reports SINOSAT Broadcast

Chinese official media declared that between September 9 and 13, the SINOSAT signal that covers China showed pirate broadcasts during Cun Cun Tong, a television program on Beijing CCTV, China Education TV, and some provincial television stations. Min Changning, the chief engineer of SINOSAT Communication Company, indicated that the hijacked signal included both SINOSAT 2A and 3A transponders and the IP date broadcast of China Education TV’s Channel 5 and 25.

Apple Daily’s report on September 11 confirmed that the alleged pirate broadcast on SINOSAT was entitled “Jiang Zemin Betrays China.” It said “On September 11, Tianjin Education TV Station broadcasted ‘Top Secret Information: Jiang Zemin Signed Treaty with Russia and Betrays China’s Territory That Is Equivalent to 100 Times the Size of Taiwan.’ It was subtitled “Freedom of Press Is a Human Right.” The background was the Great Wall among green mountains. The scene lasted for approximately five minutes.

This hijacking occurred at a sensitive time just before the CCP’s 16th Congress in Tianjin. The Apple Daily pointed out, “Li Ruihuan, the President of the National Political Consultants’ Association, had been governing Tianjin for many years. His openness and outspoken image has obtained high kudos from the international media. Rumors have been spreading that Li does not get along with Jiang Zemin, the Chinese Communist Party General Secretary and the Chinese President. The Chinese Communist Party’s 16th Congress is to be held on November 8, 2002, and members will decide whether Jiang will remain in office. Li has been against Jiang’s stay. The fact that anti-Jiang slogans appeared on Tianjin Education TV Station at this time will definitely spawn an investigation through to the highest level.”

Another Framing?

On July 8, 2002 after Xinhua News Agency reported the hacking of SINOSAT, the CCP once “locked” signals with Hong Kong and claimed that the Hong Kong police were diligently assisting the Chinese authorities in tracing the alleged Falun Gong members they claimed to have hijacked the satellite. However, on July 10, the Hong Kong Security Bureau made a public statement to deny this claim
This time, the alleged pirate broadcast on SINOSAT was entitled “Jiang Zemin Betrayed China.” The CCP once again “locked” the hacker as Falun Gong practitioners in Taiwan. Concerned people think this is yet another framing. It was said that satellite hacking required very expensive installation and extremely high technology. This may possibly have been done by someone inside the CCP or somehow be related to political power issues connected to the upcoming Party’s 16th Congress.
In January 2002, some Western media disclosed that someone secretly installed as many as 27 wiretap devices to monitor Jiang Zemin’s nearly 1 billion Yuan personal flight. Initially, someone suspected that the United States government did this. However on January 24, 2002, Sun Yuxi, the spokesman for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, commented on this matter and implied that the wiretapping was related to the power struggle inside the CCP itself, not with the United States government. He said that wiretapping was the stupid behavior of some individuals and put this event to an end. Outsiders have no way of knowing the truth.

Moreover, the CCP has been using media propaganda to attack Falun Gong. The most widespread lie was the astonishingly staged Tiananmen staged immolation in order to frame Falun Gong. When Washington Post reporter Phillip Pan went to China to investigate, he reported that nobody ever knew any of the immolators to practice Falun Gong. The lie has gradually unfolded.

The CCP is notorious for fabricating lies. On October 18, 2001, the spokesman for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared that the anthrax virus was discovered in Falun Gong mailing materials. Afterwards, experts questioned this claim since the anthrax virus could only be obtained by a handful of technical personnel. The CCP could not deceive the international society and had to let go of this propaganda attempt. On September 14, 2002, an extremely serious intentional food poisoning occurred in Nanjing City, Wuhan Province. The Xinhua News Agency reported 41 deaths on that day but immediately changed the figure to “several people have died”. Several days later, the case had a breakthrough. On September 17, The Xinhua News Agency announced 38 deaths. However, the Chinese International Radio Station reported 49 deaths on that day.

Attachment I
Behind the Supplementary Agreement on China – Tajikistan Border

Xinhua News Agency reported on May 18, 2002: “Jiang and Rakhmonov signed a joint statement and a supplementary agreement on border issues today.” People’s Daily reported that on May 17, 2002 the supplementary agreement completely resolved the disputes regarding the border issue between China and Tajikistan. However, none of the Chinese media reported the actual content of the agreement.

BBC reported on May 21, 2002 that according to Tajikistan Central News Agency, the Tajikistani President and the Chinese President signed a border agreement in Beijing. Tajikistan agreed to turn about 3.5% of the disputed territory back to China, which amounts to approximately 1,000 square kilometers, in order to end the border dispute between China and Tajikistan. These two countries share a 519-kilometer-long border. In the past, China had claimed that the 28,000 square kilometer land in Tajikistan near Pamir belonged to China, yet Tajikistan only gave back to China a small part of this land.

Yet Jiang Zemin has presented Tajikistan with 27,000 square kilometers of land.

In addition, on May 17, 2002, Kirghiz Si Tanzania Congress passed a border agreement with China. This agreement has caused continuous protests and demonstrations in Kirghiz but the Chinese people know nothing about its actual content. According to the BBC, the border agreement between China and Kirghiz divided the disputed land near the border, kept 7/10 for Kirghiz, and gave 3/10 or about 90,000 hectares back to China. However, the Kirghiz people still did not seem to be satisfied.

Attachment II
The Analysis of China - Russia Border Division Treaty
(By Sima Zhongda)

At the end of 1999, Jiang Zemin and Yeltsin secretly signed the China - Russia Border Division Treaty. People's Daily only briefly reported this without mentioning the content of the treaty.

Now through several channels, we have found out more details about this treaty. The content of this treaty has astonishing similarities to the secret treaty signed by Li Hongzhang with Russia in the Qing dynasty (Mo Zedong refused to acknowledge the latter treaty). Therefore, we believe that the Russians have bribed the four people representing China, two from Beijing and two who may have been from the Chinese Embassy in Russia.

This treaty gives China the advantage of fishing rights at the Tumen River Estuary. The disadvantages are as follows:

1. China exchanged the Russian occupied Zhenbao Island with lands that are 150 times bigger. Giving up these lands greatly damaged China. According to our investigation, these lands included three regions between Xinjiang and Russia, 39 regions to the west of Heilongjiang Province near Mongolia and Russia, 61 regions in the northern part of Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces, and 50 regions in the north part of the Wusuli River and the Tumen River estuary. In order to deceive the public and cope with the army’s complaints, Jiang Zemin has transferred all of the army from the northern border to Fujian Province. Jiang Zemin also ordered a Heilongjiang newspaper to spread rumors saying that the Russians are very unhappy with this border arrangement.

2. The treaty acknowledges that the Tumen River Estuary belongs to Russia, therefore blocking China’s northeastern estuary. In 1958, Mao Zedong rescinded the treaty with the former Soviet Union that the Tumen River Estuary belongs to the Soviets. After that, all Chinese leaders including Hua Guofeng, Hu Yaobang, Zhao Ziyang, and Deng Xiaoping have been rejecting the former Soviet Union’s repeated request that China acknowledge that the Tumen River Estuary belongs to Russia.

3. The treaty betrayed the Tangnuwulianghai area. This area historically had been part of China without a predominant Han race. In 1953, the United Nations General Assembly also voted and ruled it as a Chinese territory. Under the leadership of Hua Guofeng, Hu Yaobang, Zhao Ziyang, and Deng Xiaoping, the former Soviet Union diplomats had been hoping that the Chinese government would sign a treaty to give Tangnuwulianghai to the Soviet Union, and were all firmly rejected. This time, Jiang Zemin signed off the whole Tangnuwulianghai as Russian territory.

4. The treaty completely abandoned the Nerchinsk Treaty and betrayed the last border region located at the northern Manzhouli. Russia had been failing to break the Nerchinsk Treaty, since the above area was the last border between China and Russia assigned by the Nerchinsk Treaty. Russia had been looking for a breakthrough in order to turn this area into Russian territory, and had been rejected by the Chinese government in the Qing Dynasty and Chiang Kai-Shek. Mao Zedong also feigned illness and ran back to China to avoid assigning this region to the Soviet Union since he understood that the Nerchinsk Treaty would have been void had he betrayed this region. Yet Jiang Zemin has betrayed such an important region.

5. The treaty acknowledged all unequal treaties that were signed by the Chinese government in the Qing Dynasty.

6. The treaty acknowledged the 1/3 border between China and Russian that Mao Zedong intentionally left unassigned when he realized the Soviet Union’s plot.

7. The treaty betrayed the principle of China - Russia territory negotiations that had been insisted on by Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai and acknowledged nine items of the China – Russia unequal treaty that had been disowned by all of the former Chinese leaders [1].

8. All of the above treaty items provided Russia with Chinese territory of several million square kilometers.

9. China opened 100 kilometers of airspace territory to Russia and provided another avenue for Russia’s further invasion.

10. China possibly has completely opened its sea territory to Russia so that the Russian fleets could enter any of the Chinese seas.

Note [1]

In 1972, Mao Zedong officially informed the Soviet Union and its embassy about the nine unequal treaties. Namely, Mao firmly refused to acknowledge nine out of the seventeen unequal treaties forcefully imposed by Russia. After China regained its seat in the United Nations, Mao also informed the United Nations that China would not accept these nine unequal treaties.

In 1972, when meeting with Nixon, Mao said, “The Soviet Union has occupied too many of our territories. These lands, which also include those occupied by the Czar Empire and the red Soviet Union, are countless. Some Chinese governments, such as in the Qing Dynasty and the Kuomintang government had claimed more than I do. I now only claim the least portion according to the international law and these regions all have clear historical records showing their belonging to China. The Soviet Union has less than a 200 million population, yet half of it was acquired by invasion and it became a so-called minority. Originally it was a European country, now it has expanded its territory all over the Earth. It invaded and robbed massive territories from China. One hundred years ago, it obtained all of its territories by bribing and by military force from China or other countries. We should be united to end its aggression! Today, if you let the Soviet Union continue to invade China, tomorrow it will invade Japan and the United States.” (Translated from Chinese Social Democracy Research, 2/12/2001)

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