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 Beijing Bones up its Cyber-Warfare Capacity [3/3/2010]
 New Strains in the U.S.-China-Taiwan Strategic Triangle [3/1/2010]
 Kitsch and Mystery in Keelung and Jiufen [7/1/2009]
 The Art of Tea in Taiwan [9/30/2008]
 China's Expanding Naval Presence Troubles Neighbors [3/5/2008]
 Taiwan's Spratly Initiative in the South China Sea [2/19/2008]
 Taiwan's Culture of Food [12/30/2007]
 17th Chinese Communist Party Congress [11/20/2007]
 China's Cross-Strait Military Mindset [9/23/2007]
 Taiwan's Threat Perceptions: [4/21/2007]
 Don't Be Deceived by Hu's Tactics [12/3/2006]
 Taiwan Perilously Ponders Its Strategic Missile Force [11/26/2006]
 Ho De-Fen's Soft Strategy Makes Shih See Deep Red [11/9/2006]
 Ma's Take on PRC Naive, or Driven by His Ideology [10/10/2006]
 PLA Navy Operational Scenarios for Taiwan [10/1/2006]
 Hong Kong, Tibet Serve as Warning for Taiwan [7/29/2006]
 Recall Bid the Latest of Chairman Ma's Errors [7/23/2006]
 Where Does Ma Stand on Press Freedom? [7/17/2006]
 Corruption Cases Prove a Test for Democracy [7/13/2006]
 Scandals Are a Test of Democracy [7/3/2006]
 Don't listen to China's lies, U.S. is on our side [6/3/2006]
 U.S., Taiwan must focus on the long-term game [5/19/2006]
 Beijing Launches Multi-Pronged Offensive Against Chen Shui-Bian [5/10/2006]
 Lien Chan's China Jaunt [5/3/2006]
 Crafty CCP Lets KMT Do the Work [4/27/2006]
 Response to Scrapping of NUC Not All Negative [4/20/2006]
 It Takes Two to Keep the `Status Quo' Balanced [4/5/2006]
 Three Major Tasks Await DPP's New Chairperson [2/9/2006]
 Why China Investment Needs Active Monitoring [2/1/2006]
 Chen Was Right to Let Public Know [1/19/2006]
 More Strait talk [11/30/2005]
 Analyzing Lien's visit: What next for Cross-Strait relations? [7/11/2005]
 Attaining peace is simple if you capitulate  [6/27/2005]
 Taiwan 2012: What the Communist invasion plan says about Communist China [5/17/2005]
 China's miscalculations increasing  [5/15/2005]
 Taiwan's role in the Sino-Japanese rivalry [4/29/2005]
 Taiwan should not be fooled again  [4/19/2005]
 Chen, Soong affirmed 'middle way'  [3/13/2005]
 Be wary of goodwill gestures from Beijing  [2/27/2005]
 Anti-secession law: provocation or compromise? [1/28/2005]
 Refocusing the Taiwan Nationalists' "subjectivity" movement [1/24/2005]
 Taiwan's election results [1/23/2005]
 Chen Was Right to Let Public Know [1/19/2005]
 Anti-secession bill makes no sense  [1/9/2005]
 Lessons the DPP should heed from the elections [1/7/2005]
 Taiwan's own bamboo curtain [12/27/2004]
 Mainlanders, cast off your shackles  [12/21/2004]
 In Taiwan, the U.S. election becomes a domestic battleground [12/11/2004]
 Resist China's divisive approach [12/7/2004]
 Combative PFP hurts itself and the nation [12/3/2004]
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