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 Risky transplant operation on infant [9/21/2003]
 Japanese develop resistance drug for fish industry [7/23/2003]
 Japanese Recycling Plant Gives Hope to Accruing Waste [7/23/2003]
 Japanese scientists look to clone extinct mammoth [7/17/2003]
 Japan looks to expand its territory [7/17/2003]
 Japan celebrates 150 years of diplomacy and trade with the U.S. [7/8/2003]
 Japan's Big Five chipmakers face hard road ahead [7/8/2003]
 Methane hydrate, Japan's potential new source of heat [7/8/2003]
 Mega-corporations in Japan & Korea [5/31/2003]
 First liver transplant donor dies [5/5/2003]
 Surge in Japan's broadband [5/5/2003]
 Japan advises students in SARS-hit region to return home [4/29/2003]
 Ling Ling returns home to Japan [4/28/2003]
 Japanese are nostalgic for music of the past [4/26/2003]
 Japanese overseas businesses suffer from SARS [4/24/2003]
 Japanese-U.S. deep sea drilling project [4/22/2003]
 Illegal Waste to be shipped  [4/17/2003]
 Japanese mobile phone maker wows with megapixel cameras [4/11/2003]
 Alternative schools offer hope for 'drop-outs' in Japan [4/6/2003]
 Humanoid robots are coming [4/5/2003]
 Japan's banks to post year-end losses [3/12/2003]
 Japanese entrance examinations plagued by errors [3/12/2003]
 IBM's quality control moves to Japan [3/5/2003]
 U.S. fighter planes to reinforce Japan [2/18/2003]
 Motivating the students [2/18/2003]
 Pollen count rises [2/18/2003]
 Peace award for Asashoryu [2/17/2003]
 Blue-Ray DVDs to be licensed [2/16/2003]
 Melting ice caps might trigger earthquakes [2/16/2003]
 Foreign carmakers face tough road [2/14/2003]
 El Nino cycle slows [2/11/2003]
 Increasing demand for telematics  [2/10/2003]
 Japan trains IT professionals [2/8/2003]
 Japanese speedskaters are lightening quick [2/2/2003]
 New web policy to permit copying [1/25/2003]
 Japan joins Iranian oil deal [1/21/2003]
 Xbox in the slumps [1/20/2003]
 Solar-powered ovens [1/18/2003]
 Earthquake hits Aomori Prefecture [1/8/2003]
 Japan's unemployment rate dips [12/31/2002]
 US Navy ready to respond in Japan [12/30/2002]
 Bus driver killed in snowy collision [12/28/2002]
 Suspect to be questioned for bank kidnapping [12/27/2002]
 Five abducted Japanese bond  [12/21/2002]
 Japan to bail out troubled corporations [12/20/2002]
 The building blocks of tice [12/18/2002]
 Telephone counseling service to begin training [12/17/2002]
 Copyright law to be discussed [12/16/2002]
 LDP to cut taxes by 2 trillion yen (photo) [12/13/2002]
 Two Japanese accept Nobel Prizes [12/12/2002]
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