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 China State-run Television Sued for Programming that Instigates Torture, Brainwashing  [3/1/2006]
 An Open Letter Urging Global Legal Professionals to Support the Hunger Strike [2/27/2006]
 Epoch Times Chief Technical Officer Beaten in His Own Home [2/17/2006]
 Chen Was Right to Let Public Know [1/19/2006]
 China genocide suit on U.S. Supreme Court steps [3/29/2005]
 Chen Was Right to Let Public Know [1/19/2005]
 In Taiwan, the U.S. election becomes a domestic battleground [12/11/2004]
 Resist China's divisive approach [12/7/2004]
 Don Keyser case: let's talk rumors [10/17/2004]
 House of Representatives Passes Resolution Condemning Chinese Government Oppression of Americans over Falun Gong [10/11/2004]
 Google - Yahoo market battle threatens freedom of expression [8/12/2004]
 Bush cuts funding headed to China [7/17/2004]
 Arms aid is a fit tribute to Reagan [7/10/2004]
 Reagan as viewed by some others [7/4/2004]
 Pan-blues seek to disrupt U.S. ties [6/25/2004]
 Attorney: former Chinese leader enjoy no immunity for acts of torture, genocide [6/13/2004]
 China-Taiwan relations after Chen's inauguration [6/12/2004]
 U.S. Congress hears testimonies on China [6/10/2004]
 Falun Gong statement [6/6/2004]
 Balancing U.S. interests in the Strait [6/5/2004]
 Supporting human rights and democracy [5/31/2004]
 Will we act in time on human rights in China? [5/17/2004]
 AFL-CIO urges Bush to condeman China's rights abuses [3/28/2004]
 U.S. sponsors resolution on China's rights abuses [3/22/2004]
 Religious freedom in China  [2/7/2004]
 No rift exists in relations with US  [1/4/2004]
 USCIRF on religious freedom report [12/26/2003]
 U.S. leaders can speak up about human rights to leaders of the biggest abuser [12/16/2003]
 Taking advantage of the status quo [12/13/2003]
 U.S. sovereignty a model for Taiwan  [11/30/2003]
 Statement presented to the Congressional-Executive Committee on China [11/29/2003]
 Chen chalks up series of diplomatic successes  [11/23/2003]
 American citizen subjected to daily brainwashing  [11/15/2003]
 USCIRF: On China's religious freedom [7/29/2003]
 U.S. condemns China in its 2002 Annual Human Rights Report [4/3/2003]
 The 13th US-Sino human rights dialogue resumes in Beijing [12/16/2002]
 Randall Schriver on democracy in Hong Kong [4/9/2004]
 U.S. Congress considers freedom in Hong Kong resolution [6/19/2003]
 U.S. State Department official blasts Hong Kong's Article 23 [12/24/2002]
 Sleeping With a Tiger [4/7/2007]
 Beijing's Strategy to Counter U.S. Influence in Asia  [12/20/2005]
 The geopolitical challenge of Chinese textile exports [6/13/2005]
 Book Review: Who is being transformed? Part III [10/12/2004]
 Book Review: Who is being transformed? Part II [10/2/2004]
 Book Review: Who is being transformed? Part I [9/26/2004]
 Tashkent largely silent on cut in U.S. aid [8/2/2004]
 U.S. China trade debate filled with questions [3/24/2004]
 U.S. plans to negotiate Free Trade Pact with Thailand [11/16/2003]
 Beijing fears quick U.S. success in war [3/21/2003]
 China trying 'practical' diplomacy  [9/20/2002]
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