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 Chinese official sets litigation record on trip abroad [9/27/2003]
 Forced eviction put residents out at midnight [9/26/2003]
 Christians arrested in China [9/23/2003]
 Hitler’s ghost is dying in China [9/20/2003]
 Bishop Zen speaks on Article 23 [9/15/2003]
 Genocide gets attention at Malaysian conference [9/13/2003]
 Human rights lawyers: No immunity for Chinese official for genocide [9/12/2003]
 Top Chinese official faces lawsuit in Finland [9/12/2003]
 In China, Church and State don't separate easily [9/10/2003]
 China's security chief unwelcome in Europe [9/10/2003]
 Beijing official arrives amid protests in Iceland [9/8/2003]
 On latest mining accidents in China [9/7/2003]
 Falun Gong appeals its case in Hong Kong [8/31/2003]
 Tibetan monks ordered to study Communism [8/26/2003]
 Dalai Lama warns Beijing to speed up progress [8/25/2003]
 Australian Senate motioned to oppose Article 23 [8/21/2003]
 FDI: Jiang Zemin is sued in Belgium [8/20/2003]
 FDI: University professor died in labor camp [8/12/2003]
 Farmers sit in before the Chinese Congress [8/11/2003]
 US delegation cancels its trip to China [8/8/2003]
 China examines its temporary resident permit [8/7/2003]
 China bans “reactionary” mobile messages [8/3/2003]
 A Harvard graduate on trial in China [7/30/2003]
 USCIRF: On China's religious freedom [7/29/2003]
 Three Chinese dissident writers honored  [7/29/2003]
 More protests against security bill in Hong Kong [7/15/2003]
 56-year-old Falun Gong woman died of torture  [7/15/2003]
 Women are prohibited as secretaries [7/13/2003]
 Where Hong Kong went wrong  [7/9/2003]
 5 Falun Gong practitioners died of torture in China [7/9/2003]
 Australia bashes Article 23 [7/7/2003]
 The threat to human rights in Hong Kong [7/5/2003]
 400,000 march in protest Article 23  [7/1/2003]
 Students protest Article 23 [7/1/2003]
 Photo of the Week: "Me, too, against Article 23!" [7/1/2003]
 Hong Kong people speak out [7/1/2003]
 U.S. Congressmen back genocide lawsuit against Jiang Zemin [6/19/2003]
 Professor sent to mental hospital for her faith [6/19/2003]
 Tonight, light your candle [6/19/2003]
 Three Gorges Project forces 1.2 Million Chinese to leave home [6/18/2003]
 Photo of the week: Remembering the massacre on Tiananmen Square [6/4/2003]
 Beijing beefs up security on June 4 [6/4/2003]
 Tiananmen massacre anniversary in Washington, D.C. [5/31/2003]
 U.S. Doctor on hunger strike in Chinese jail [5/30/2003]
 UN addresses human rights defenders' concerns in Thailand [5/27/2003]
 China's terror of cyber police [5/21/2003]
 The Asian Human Rights Commission on Article 23 [5/9/2003]
 Hong Kong Christian Institute's submission on the National Security Bill 2003  [5/9/2003]
 Sweden responds to China's pressure on Thailand [5/3/2003]
 Protest against forced eviction in Shanghai [5/1/2003]
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