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 ICC faces Buddhist threat: Play on a full moon? [9/4/2002]
 Former chairman may face extradiction for Bhopal disaster [9/2/2002]
 Chartered plummets on rights issue in Singapore [9/2/2002]
 Confidence in stock market restored after Indian bail-out [9/2/2002]
 "Monkey God" mourned [9/2/2002]
 Pakistan will not join United States in action against Iraq [9/2/2002]
 Hightened security after Maoist bomb attacks [9/2/2002]
 Pakistan prisoners held in U.S. asked to be released [9/2/2002]
 No plans for India-Pakistan talks during UN assembly  [9/2/2002]
 Former Prime Minister Shari withdraws from Pakistan polls [8/31/2002]
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